History Course

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History Course - Develop New Skills

Let's take a closer look at History Course. This is one of the most popular courses on our website. Popular online courses are a good place to start if you're new to online learning. You should look at a variety of other online courses as well.

Courses - History - Virginia Commonwealth University

(Added 15 minutes ago) History 300 is the gateway course for the history major at VCU. It is required of all history majors, and they must earn a C or better in the course in order to graduate from our degree program. Because of the limited number of seats available, …
Course Subject: History

History Courses - Bryn Mawr College

(Added 14 minutes ago) This is a topics course. Course content varies. Recent topics have included medicine, advertising, and history of sexuality. Course may be repeated for credit. Current topic description: The Lost Decade: America in the 1970s: Squished between the famous 1960s and the "Go-Go" Reagan inspired 1980s, the 1970s has gotten lost in American memory ...
Course Subject: History, Medicine

HIST - History < University of Illinois

(Added 17 minutes ago) The course is designed as a topics course that may revolve around other "hidden figures" in political history. May be repeated once if topics vary. …
Course Subject: Design, History

History Courses | Harvard University

(Added 18 minutes ago) Browse the latest online history courses from Harvard University, including "PredictionX: John Snow and the Cholera Epidemic of 1854" and "PredictionX: Omens, Oracles & Prophecies."
Course Subject: History

Courses · History · Lafayette College

(Added 18 minutes ago) This course surveys Russia's history over the past century.Beginning with the years of war and revolution from 1914-1921, we continue with an appraisal of Stalin and Stalinism, a discussion of the Soviet experience in World War II, and a study of …

Courses - Department of History | CSUF

(Added 18 minutes ago) Jun 14, 2021 · History majors must earn at least a "C" (2.0) in this course. (Multiple enrollment permitted in different sections of the same course.) 491T Proseminar in Special Topics in History (3): Prerequisites: HIST 110A, B for European and non-West courses; HIST 170A, B; or HIST 170A or 170B and 180; or HIST 170A or 170B and 190 for U.S. History.
Course Subject: History

History | MIT OpenCourseWare | Free Online Course Materials

(Added 14 minutes ago) The MIT History Faculty offers about 70 subjects in the areas of Ancient, North American, European, East Asian, and Middle Eastern history. Students are encouraged to study the past from a variety of perspectives - social, economic, cultural, and political - and to understand the world they inhabit as a product of historical processes.
Course Subject: History

Course Booklet | Department of History

(Added 14 minutes ago) This course introduces students to the broad field of “Western History” through the lens of religion in the United States. Students will cover the wide swath of Western History by focusing on the role of religious interpretation within Indigenous nations, colonialism and conversion tactics, slavery, resistance, women’s rights, immigration ...
Course Subject: History

Courses - Upcoming | Department of History | University of ...

(Added 12 minutes ago) History of Africa and the Middle East (HSTAFM) Courses; Course Course Title (click for details) SLN Instructor Meeting Time ; HSTAFM 152 A : Introduction To African History, C. 1880 - Present: 15582 : Lynn M. Thomas: TTh 3:00pm - 4:50pm : HSTAFM 163 A : The Modern Middle East: 15583 : Arbella Bet-Shlimon
Course Subject: History

Course Descriptions – Department of History

(Added 12 minutes ago) Course Descriptions. For good or ill, we cannot ever escape the past. As individuals and as communities, we are products of long and complex developments. The History Department offers a broad range of courses in which students explore the past and build deeper understandings of how our world has changed across time.
Course Subject: History

History Courses - Community College of Philadelphia

(Added 12 minutes ago) HIST 160 - History of American Diversity. 3-0-3. Credit Hours: 3. This course places the themes of race, ethnicity, gender, class and religion in a historical context from pre-Columbian America through colonial and revolutionary North America and into the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Paramount Ranch - RacingCircuits.info

(Added 14 minutes ago) Circuit type: Permanent road course Circuit History. Nestled in the foothills of the Agoura Hills a few miles north of Malibu, Paramount Ranch Racetrack was the first purpose-built road racing course in California, created during the sportscar racing …
Course Subject: History

U.S. History Courses | Harvard University

(Added 14 minutes ago) The course examines the history of riots, strikes, and conspiracies in America from the 1600s to the present. $1,920+. Register by. Jan 20.
Course Subject: History

History of Science - Free Online Course Materials

(Added 15 minutes ago) This course offers an introduction to the history and historiography of science from ancient Greece to the present. It is designed to serve as an introduction for those who have no prior background in the field and to deepen the knowledge of those who already do. We will consider how the history of science has responded to its encounters with philosophy, sociology, …

History - University of California, San Diego

(Added 13 minutes ago) World History I: Ancient to Medieval (4) This online course provides an introduction to the culture, environmental context, and sociopolitical outlook of ancient civilizations, and traces historical change, from the emergence of classical empires to their collapse and transformation into medieval forms.
Course Subject: History

History Courses - North Carolina A&T State University

(Added 15 minutes ago) HIST 216. History of Africa Since 1800 Credit 3 (3-0) This course is a general survey of the history of Africa since 1800. Major areas of study include the slave trade, the underdevelopment of Africa, Western imperialism and the African partition, and …
Course Subject: History

History (HIST) - George Mason University

(Added 16 minutes ago) This course is graded on the Undergraduate Regular scale. HIST 315: STEM and Society: A History. 3 credits. Students will use case histories to explore the cultural and social aspects of global STEM development during the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions, roughly the period from 1700 to 1900. Students will be required to critically analyze ...

History of Los Angeles Course - UCLA Extension

(Added 18 minutes ago) This course presents a study of the social, economic, cultural, and political development of Los Angeles and its environs from the time of its founding to the present. Instruction emphasizes the diverse peoples of the area, changing physical environment, various interpretations of the city, and Los Angeles's place among American urban centers.

History - University of Florida

(Added 14 minutes ago) Political and cultural analysis of the history of Nazi Germany examining Nazi ideology, the origins of the Nazi state, coercion and consent among ordinary Germans, persecution of the disabled and of Jews, resistance and non-resistance, and the course of …
Course Subject: History

Course Syllabi | History | Johns Hopkins University

(Added 15 minutes ago) AS.100.319 History of American Reproductive Politics [Dean’s Teaching Fellowship course] AS.100.337 American Foreign Policy, 1914-2016 [Dean’s Teaching Fellowship course] AS.100.346 Soviet-American Cold War
Course Subject: History

Military History Instructor Course – U.S. Army Training ...

(Added 15 minutes ago) The Military History Instructor Course (MHIC) is a 10-day/85-hour course designed to prepare ROTC cadre, state military academy cadre, civilian academics, and others with a military history instruction requirement to teach U.S. military history to cadets and candidates.
Course Subject: Design, History

History (HIST) & Penn State - Pennsylvania State University

(Added 18 minutes ago) History (HIST) HIST 1 examines the development of western civilization, beginning with the ancient world of the Mediterranean, Europe, and Mesopotamia, and continuing through Early Modern Europe, which involves the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation, and the early period of the Age of Exploration. The course is intended to introduce aspects ...
Course Subject: History

Courses | Department of History

(Added 16 minutes ago) Course Term 2 Constellations Comparative Empires Environment, Health, Technology and Science Global Early Modern Human Conflict, Peace, and Diplomacy Power, Culture, and the State Race, Ethnicity, and Nation Religion in History Social Justice Women's, Gender, and Sexuality History
Course Subject: History, Science

What are Some Common College History Courses?

(Added 17 minutes ago) College history courses Overview. For students either majoring in history or completing the general education portion of their degree, at least one history course will most likely be required. Ranging from the most basic survey course to specialized investigations, history courses can offer students a challenging examination of past events.

Courses | History

(Added 14 minutes ago) Undergraduate Courses. Gateway Seminars: introduce undergraduates to the ways historians do their work. The seminars build skills in researching and writing history, and introduce historiography. Although students often take gateways as a sophomore majors, the courses also provide a great way for prospective students to explore the major.
Course Subject: History

History 301: Historiography & Historical Methods Course ...

(Added 18 minutes ago) Course Summary History 301: Historiography & Historical Methods has been evaluated and recommended for 3 semester hours and may be transferred to …
Course Subject: History

Courses for History - University of Alabama

(Added 16 minutes ago) 3. World History Since 1500. This course is a continuation of HY 117, Comparative World Civilizations. The course will examine the interactions between major world civilizations in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Course material will examine developments of history, politics, economics, and religion since 1500. History.

Course Descriptions > Department of History > USC Dana and ...

(Added 17 minutes ago) Course Description: History 201 enables students to consider an array of approaches to history, including family history, social and cultural histories, gender histories, artistic (fictional and poetic) histories. In this course each student will be trained to write a personal family history based on oral and written historical strategies.
Course Subject: History

History: Courses - Willamette University

(Added 14 minutes ago) This course examines the history of modern Japan from the late Tokugawa period (1800) through the era of Imperial Japan (1868-1945). Topics include: imperialism in the 19 th and 20 th centuries, state modernization efforts and popular responses, the Japanese colonial empire, and the Fifteen Years’ War (1931-1945).
Course Subject: History

History Courses

(Added 13 minutes ago) Course descriptions can be found on the Courses page of the History Department's sections of the UC San Diego Course Catalog (see below). Topical course descriptions can be found on the Current Courses page of this website. UCSD Course Catalog (HTML) UCSD Courses Catalog - History Department.
Course Subject: History

Art History | UCLA Graduate Programs

(Added 13 minutes ago) Art History Graduate Program at UCLA 100 Dodd Hall Box 951417 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1417. FACULTY. Visit the Art History’s faculty roster. COURSE DESCRIPTIONS. Visit the registrar's site for the Art History’s course descriptions
Course Subject: History

History Courses

(Added 13 minutes ago) This course is a survey of the history of East Asia, and will examine the social, cultural, political, economic, and diplomatic development of the region, including China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Topics of discussion include the impact of Western imperialism, strategies of modernization, the rise of nationalism, Asian communist movements ...
Course Subject: History

Program: History, B.A. - California State University, Los ...

(Added 13 minutes ago) History, B.A. The Bachelor of Arts degree program in History is designed to provide an understanding of societal development in all aspects of human experience and of the relevance of the past to the present. The program permits pursuit of a wide range of interests within the purview of historical scholarship.
Course Subject: Design, History

History Courses – BMCC

(Added 17 minutes ago) The course offers a survey of human history in a global context, beginning with the Renaissance in Europe and running up to the present. The historical development of fundamental cultural, political and social institutions will be examined through an analysis of recurring themes in …
Course Subject: History

History Courses - Open Study College

(Added 18 minutes ago) history courses Highly respected by employers, a history qualification demonstrates not only a critical eye but the ability to research information effectively. So whether you want to use it as a platform for further academic study or fulfil your passion for the subject, our home learning courses offer you the flexibility to study at your own pace.
Course Subject: History

History Online Courses | Coursera

(Added 14 minutes ago) history courses investigate ancient and modern events and social trends. Explore themes such as war, imperialism, and globalization, and study the history of specific groups or time periods through courses on black history, women's history, and more. ...
Course Subject: History

Home | Alaska History and Cultural Studies

(Added 17 minutes ago) Alaska History and Cultural Studies offers an online curriculum designed to teach Alaskan high school students about their state, its rich history and its people. The Alaska Humanities Forum and the state’s leading historians, anthropologists, …
Course Subject: Design, History

Learn U.S. History with Online Courses and Classes | edX

(Added 17 minutes ago) Free U.S. history courses online. Learn about American history, American government, the Civil War and more with free courses from top universities. Join now.
Course Subject: History

Courses | Department of History

(Added 14 minutes ago) Time conflict enrollment allowed means that a student may enroll in the course even if the time conflicts with another enrolled course. If time conflict enrollment is allowed, it will be tagged as such in the class schedule. However, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that there is not a final exam time conflict.

All Courses | History

(Added 16 minutes ago) This history course focuses on musical expressions created in the United States since 1900. We will emphasize how musical performances and the consumption of popular music can reveal notions of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality that have circulated in the twentieth and twenty-first century United States.
Course Subject: History

Course History - Don't Miss

(Added 15 minutes ago) Course History | Forest Park Golf Course (Added 1 minutes ago) course history.Golf has been played in Forest Park since 1897. Built after the 1904 World’s Fair, the original 27-hole course was designed and constructed in phases by Scotsman Robert Foulis.
Course Subject: Design, History

History Courses - Online Classes with Videos | Study.com

(Added 13 minutes ago) Choose a history course: Choose from among U.S. history, western civilization and world history courses covering the American Civil War, pre- and post-War Europe, international conflicts and more.
Course Subject: History

Courses - History - California State University, Northridge

(Added 18 minutes ago) HIST 111. World History Since 1500 (3) An introduction to the major developments in world history from 1500 to the present. The course examines the processes of social, cultural, economic and political change throughout this period and emphasizes the production of global cultures and reactions to them.
Course Subject: History

History Courses (HIS) | Troy University

(Added 14 minutes ago) A course designed to acquaint students with research methods and computer skills as related to the history profession. The principal requirement is the successful completion of a formal research paper in which students will demonstrate proficiency in research, writing, and basic computer skills.
Course Subject: Design, History

Learn History with Online Courses, Classes, & Lessons | edX

(Added 12 minutes ago) We offer a wide range of online history courses and online history degrees to choose from. Topics ranging from the United States History, World War ii, Great Britain, Rome, the 19th century, The French Revolution, African American History, European History, the Renaissance, and more. Additional course topics can include the American Revolution ...